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 REGULATION ( For English Speakers )

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MessageSujet: REGULATION ( For English Speakers )   Dim 1 Fév - 0:04


-Language courteous and respect required, no provocations.
-The upper abuse is prohibited.
-The pub is prohibited regardless of the channel used.
-It is also forbidden to advertise for that server on others.
-Nicks and offensive guild names are not allowed.
-It is strictly forbidden to impersonate a member of the Horizon team, even if it's not serious.
-The flood is forbidden, however we are tolerant of some debate if they do not disturb other players.
-Obligation to speak French or English channel Commerce.


-During a boss, it is mandatory to play in open union and merge into a single union by joining the first present.
-In a union, it is forbidden to Gain the Head if even one member refuses.
-The spoils of a union may be as Random distribution group.
-It is unlawful to exclude a union without a valid reason.
-It is forbidden to use several of his characters simultaneously on non-instanced bosses.


-It is forbidden to enter an enemy camp protected by guards.
-It is forbidden to attack a player behind the second row of guards if there are two, or behind his guards if there is only one.
-It is also prohibited to attack or heal from behind her second single line or guards.
-Turrets and actual safezones are there to reduce the number of complaints of attacks behind the guards.They do not change the rules.
-It is unlawful to exclude a pvp union no good reason. Provocations, insults, inactivity récurentes not respect raids are valid reasons, only after warnings union.
-It is forbidden to create their own union if a union pvp is already present, except for just cause.
-All unions must remain open and reachable for everyone, it is forbidden to pvp closed group.
-It is forbidden to be in PvP zone with two different characters, even on different areas.
-The rules for PvE boss rules also apply to PvP boss.
-However in case of confrontation between two unions of the same faction on the same boss:
§-If the boss is on a map where the PvP is spirit to unfold, the PvP union there has priority over a PvE union likely to happen during a rush.
§-If PvE PvP union happens before the union, the union PvP has the right to stay only for PvP but must leave the boss to union PvE. Players wanting to make the boss must submit the PvE union.
§-The Padd Stat is prohibited and is managed by an automatic mule account ban and withdrawal Kill taken by cheating.
§-Along the free kill is prohibited. A complete stuff is required to engage in PvP unions.


-Never use the same password on another server or casiment same password for your account name or easy to guess!
-The majority of cases of "hack" from a loan account. It is strongly forbidden to pass his identifiers, even to someone we thought we knew well.
-Therefore, cases of "hack" are not treated if they come from a loan account, except level sanction.
-The gift, sale, purchase, or the loan account are prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to go and get the equipment to an account are not his. (If the owner accuses you hack, you may IP ban for nothing)
-The exchanges are the responsibility of the players, if you agree to pay your equipment to a player, we do not necessarily intervene if they refuse to make you except level sanction.
-Players encouraging others to violate these rules will be punished the same way as having committed the offense.
-It is forbidden to sell goods Horizon against any other service not forming part of the game server.
-It is forbidden to sell, buy or exchange any item of the server against real money: starpass code or other means of payment.
-It is forbidden to use both characters at the same time in a non fairplay framework such as the use of a mule to monitor time a boss or other similar reasons.


-Using Bot (Automation of his character) is strictly prohibited.
-The speedhack is strictly prohibited.
-It is prohibited to use bugs decor to protect themselves in PvE as in PvP.
-All farms not officially announced bugs are strictly prohibited.
-All external software uses are strictly prohibited.

Arrow *[GS] / Game Sage*

-GS's [Game Sage] are volunteer players who also give their free time to help the Horizon staff.
-They are there to help new players by answering their questions, and to ensure proper compliance with the rules of the server.
-They can be identified by the tag [GS] _ to their name.
-GS are players like the others and must respect the same rules on pain of the same sanctions.


-To report abuse, you must be in possession of proof (screenshot, video or other) so that the charge be taken into account.
-You can contact us using the contact form.

I hope that You find your Home with Us here study "Respect Each Other"

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REGULATION ( For English Speakers )
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